Krakow Children

Krakow offers plenty of children friendly activities and interesting places  that are sure to interest and entertain kids and parents alike. There are lots of historic sites, museums which don’t bore, ZOO, green parks with playgrounds, many cinemas, kid-friendly cafes and restaurants, swimming pools and aqua parks open year-round and there are lots of outdoor options during the summer season. There are also theatres which feature performances for children, so it’s worth investigating the repertoire and checking availability. Children can enjoy also horse-back riding, skating rinks, go-kart tracks and many other forms of entertainment. In Krakow you can find also  excellent opportunities to give your children the world-standard education at international schools, where they  will study with children from all over the world. Families visiting Krakow with children will be pleased to find activities to keep kids busy and happy. 

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Wieliczka Salt Mine
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  • Wieliczka Salt Mine

  • Address: ul. Danilowicza 10, Wieliczka, Krakow, 32-020
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