Events in Krakow

A cosmopolitan university city with an abundance of venues, theatres, clubs and historic buildings, Krakow's numerous festivals attract major international stars from the worlds of cinema, music and drama, and draw audiences from across the globe. Whether it's drum n' bass or a string quartet, we will find it for you! There is always something happening in Krakow, whether it's film festivals, concerts, exhibitions, traditional parades, sports or clubbing. To find out what's going on and where, check this page, which we update daily.

Events in Krakow, October 2016


First Unsound Kraków 2016 Artists Announced Including Special Dislocation Projects, World Premieres and More

The 14th International Travelling Film Festival WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film is heldbetween 20 and 23 October. We will see several carefully selected documentaries from around the globe, touching upon the subjects of human rights and freedom, combating discrimination and violence, and the very current and real issues faced by refugees. The screenings will be accompanied by discussion panels, workshops and meetings with representatives of human rights organisations.


The Conrad Festival, which is one of Europe's most important literary events, will be held this year under the banner of Intensity. 

Events in Krakow, November 2016

ICE Kraków - Congress Centre, Debniki

On 7 November at ICE Kraków, songs by the legendary band will be performed by the vocalist Kuba Badach, guitar virtuoso Marek Napiórkowski and the accompanying symphonic orchestra. 


Global superstar Justin Bieber will perform in Poland! The concert, which is expected by thousands of Polish Beliebers, will be held on 11 November 2016 at TAURON Arena Kraków. 


The ground will tremble in November! The 7th Dragon Swing: Lindy Underground – International Lindy Hop Festival takes us back in time to the interwar period – it’s bound to sweep even the most committed wallflowers off their feet. Don't miss your chance to meet over 600 dancers from all over the world, take part in workshops with great international teachers and experience dancing in unique venues like undergrounds of the Wieliczka Salt Mine!

Events in Krakow, December 2016


Międzynarodowy Konkurs Młodych Zespołów Jazzowych JAZZ JUNIORS świętuje w tym roku jubileusz 40-lecie istnienia. Uroczysta gala odbędzie się 4 grudnia 2016 r. w Centrum Kongresowym ICE Kraków, a jej bohaterami będą czterej wybitni polscy pianiści, którzy na przestrzeni ostatnich dekad debiutowali właśnie na tej scenie: Leszek Możdżer, Marcin Wasilewski, Paweł Kaczmarczyk i Piotr Orzechowski „Pianohooligan”.

Events in Krakow, February 2017


ENNIO MORRICONE will perform in Krakow at the Tauron Arena on 6.2.2017.  The concert is part of his ‘60 YEARS OF MUSIC WORLD TOUR’.  Multi-award winner Morricone has been lauded with accolades for his work on The Hateful Eight in 2016, including winning the Academy Award, the Golden Globe Award the BAFTA Award and the New York Films Critics Award.